Chapter 78

Bonnie and Jim had only exchanged a brief look, but a vigilant Ivor caught it. “Here you go.” Ivor opened the car door for Bonnie. “Thanks.” Bonnie slid into the passenger’s seat. Jim watched as the car drove off into the distance. He didn’t avert his gaze until they vanished from his sight completely. Floyd leaned on his shoulder in a friendly manner and said, “It’s a good thing you were quick. Otherwise, it would have been a mess.” “I’m Ms. Bonnie’s bodyguard. It’s my duty.” “The night’s still young. Want to go for some kebabs?” Floyd said to Jim. “That won’t be necessary.” “Don’t worry about the money. You’re the new hire. It’s my duty to look after you. You might not know it, but I like you a lot. Come on. Let’s go.” Floyd started to drag Jim away. All of a sudden, Jim and Floyd stopped in their tracks. Their gazes met. “Did you sense that too?” Floyd asked. Jim continued walking. “Don’t give anything away.” “When did you realize?” Floyd was curious. It felt as if Jim

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