Chapter 79

Floyd yelled. Shit! Even he would have trouble surviving so many opponents. Tim might end up dead. He seemed to be having trouble shaking off the strong hitmen who surrounded him. Jim’s eyes contracted and his fighting spirit grew. He seized one out of the three hitmen in front of him and tossed him at the two others. Another hitman snuck behind him and threw a punch to the back of his head. Reacting swiftly, he bent over, and the hitman’s fist brushed past him. Next, he took a step back with his right foot, gathering momentum, and hurled his fist at his opponent! It landed right in his opponent’s face, knocking him unconscious and throwing him to the ground. Was that the Soaring Cannon?! Floyd’s eyes widened as he watched that incredible moment. That was Master Jim’s signature move! Jim was completely fired up. Cracking his neck and twisting his arms, he wagged a finger at the rest of the hitmen, taunting them. Floyd was dumbfounded. He had watched the International Fighting C

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