Chapter 80

“It’s not that cold. You can put it back on.” Ivor ignored her and put the suit jacket over Bonnie’s shoulders. His warmth lingered in the suit jacket, and it warmed up not just her body, but her heart as well. “Thank you for helping me back at the party, but you shouldn’t have said what you said. It was my personal affair and what you said will just lead to a misunderstanding. Everyone probably thinks we’re a real couple now.” Ivor’s lips curled into a smile and he looked at Bonnie lovingly. “Let them be.” “Don’t you care?” She raised her brow. “So what? I think it’s good that they think that.” Huh? Bonnie’s eyes widened and she proceeded to scan Ivor. She was a smart woman. She could gauge just how truthful he was being. After a brief pause, she asked, “Do you have a real crush on me?” It was the same question she had asked him before. He had denied it back then. “Bingo.” He nodded. He had answered her question so casually that she wasn’t sure if he was being serious. She

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