Chapter 84

The weather was unbearably hot in the summer. It was a Tuesday and the fifth anniversary of the research institute. As its leading member, Bonnie was obliged to buy everyone a meal. A staff member at the research institute texted her. “We’ll be waiting for you at the Jade Horizon Hotel. Looking forward to meeting you there.” “Sure.” Bonnie hailed a cab and hit the road at ten o’clock. It took her only half an hour to get to the hotel. She had just gotten out of the cab when she heard a familiar voice. “Wow! This place really is the biggest hotel in Pyralis! I heard that it’s bigger than thirty-two thousand square feet. It’s huge! This is my first time here. I should thank you for this, Hadwin. There’s no way I could come to this place if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much!” It was Trina, Bonnie’s hypocritical sister. Pride swelled in Hadwin’s chest when he heard what Trina said. “We’re getting engaged soon. That makes us practically family. There’s no need to thank me. But it

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