Chapter 85

Hadwin shook his head. He had agreed to bring her inside because she was the city’s Best Scholar. In the end, she was just another fool. Bonnie might be pretty, and she might have aced her SATs, but she wasn’t fit to lick his boots. Trina and Hadwin trained their gazes on Bonnie, waiting for her to embarrass herself. To their surprise, she went right in. The waiter and the security guards didn’t try to block her. They even bowed to her. What was that? Hadwin and Trina exchanged glances, confused. “Come on. Let’s go.” Bonnie was long gone by the time they entered the hotel. “Could she have some kind of connection to someone here?” Hadwin’s face grew dark. “She’s so shameless. I can’t believe she sold herself out just to get a meal here. Just forget about her. She’s killing the mood. Let’s ask someone where Ms. Bonita is.” “Okay.” Trina clenched her fists. This was what they had come here for. However, she was immediately distracted by two stunning men who walked into the hotel

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