Chapter 86

Ivor stared at Ged sternly and said, “It’s bad enough that you’re not working and doing nothing with your time. Ms. Bonita, on the other hand, is a national treasure. “But you ask her to play games with you and disrupt the progress of her research every day. Aren’t you worried that some higher-up will come see you soon?” Ged was shocked. “W-What?” Ivor continued to stare at him wordlessly. The more Ged thought about it, the more scared he became. Then, he puffed his chest out and raised his voice. “Ms. Bonita is an adult. She can make her own choices. Do you think I can stop her when she wants to play games herself? And another thing. She might be the personification of knowledge itself, but she’s also a normal human being! “Don’t you think she could use the downtime? When I play games with her, I’m entertaining her. Where are you going, Ivor? Wait for me!” Trina whipped her head around, but Ivor and Ged were long gone. “Why did you stop all of a sudden?” Hadwin asked, puzzle

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