Chapter 87

Hadwin would love that. However… “Let’s forget about it. It’ll be a disaster if they find us waiting here and we offend Ms. Bonita. Every wealthy, prestigious family in Pyralis will shun both our families. Ms. Bonita is a powerful woman.” “I don’t think she’s petty, though. She wouldn’t bear a grudge even if we did offend her. Anyway, we won’t be charging at her. We’d just be taking a peek from where we’re hiding. They won’t find us.” Hadwin wrestled with himself again. Trina noticed. She took his arms in hers and put on a cute voice to try to persuade him to do what she said. “Stop worrying about it, Hadwin. They won’t find out about us, I swear. More importantly, Ms. Bonita keeps a low profile. She’ll probably dress accordingly. “What will we do if we run into her and offend her without knowing it was her? It’ll be all because we didn’t recognize her. We’re just doing this so we can prepare ourselves. If she needs help at some point, we might be able to benefit. “If we know wh

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