Chapter 88

“I didn’t think I’d be able to hear Ms. Bonita’s unique take on research at today’s gathering. I’ve learned more from her than from reading compendiums of journals! What a fruitful day!” One of the elderly professors opened the door as he spoke with his fellow researchers. “Agreed! Thank you, Ms. Bonita. I’m sorry you had to talk about work over lunch.” Then, they heard a young woman’s voice. Her voice stood out among the old professors. “It was nothing. I was just talking.” Hmm? Ivor stopped in his tracks. Was that Bonnie’s voice? Before he could complete his thought, Bonnie appeared as the professors showered praise on her. She saw Ivor, and her eyes widened slightly. Was that Bonnie?! What was she doing here? Trina’s eyes widened as well, while Hadwin was completely gobsmacked. “W-What are you doing here?” Ged asked the million-dollar question. It was a mind-boggling sight! Bonnie was just an ordinary student and a nobody, even in her family. But here she was, surrounded by

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