Chapter 89

The old professors couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up before Bonnie could say anything. “You must be the girl who got into Pyralis University. You probably have a brilliant mind since you achieved that, so why are you saying such insolent things? She’s your sister, after all. “I can’t believe you’re accusing her of seducing someone. What will the public think of her if they hear what you said?” “What a wicked girl! How infuriating! How did your parents raise someone as vicious as you?” “If it weren’t for your parents, I’d have gotten someone to kick you out of Pyralis University. You’re going to be a cancer on the university!” … Trina’s face turned pale as the professors reprimanded her. She was gripped with fear, and the envy within her doubled! She couldn’t afford to offend any of these prestigious researchers, and they were now all speaking up for Bonnie. If she kept this up, she might as well dig her own grave. With that in mind, she let her tears loose and bawled pitifu

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