Chapter 92

“It’ll be okay. I know how to deal with it.” Trina was dead set on going into the private room. Things had gone bad enough. What did she have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She might as well roll the dice and see if she was lucky. She could recommend herself to Ms. Bonita if fortune smiled on her. Maybe Ms. Bonita would be impressed by her talents and take her in. She didn’t want to think about it any longer, so she pushed the door open decisively. No one was inside. How anticlimactic! “This is weird. Where’s Ms. Bonita?” “Could she have quietly left in all the commotion?” Hadwin guessed. Trina felt disappointed. All her hopes were dashed. At that moment, Vera called. “How did it go, Trina? Did you manage to see Ms. Bonita?” Vera asked excitedly. Trina clenched her fist and she said softly, “Luck wasn’t on my side. I didn’t bump into her.” She couldn’t tell Vera and Gresham that Bonnie had lunch with Ms. Bonita’s researchers. If they found out how well-connec

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