Chapter 93

“It’s possible,” Ivor said slowly. Just like that, Floyd was lost in thought. Trina couldn’t wait to get down to business the moment Bonnie returned home. “You’re back at last, Bonnie. Are’t the SATs over? Why are you still staying out there on your own?” “What does it have to do with you?” Bonnie wasn’t going to waste any words on Trina. She walked straight to the couch, sat down, and started peeling an orange. Trina deliberately looked at Vera with sad eyes and turned her head aside. Then, she lifted her hands and pretended to wipe some tears away. Vera was enraged. “Trina was just expressing her concern for you, Bonnie. That was too much.” Bonnie smiled faintly and said, “That’s true! She was so concerned about me that she nearly charged into Ms. Bonita’s private room at the hotel restaurant. The nerve of her.” Trina’s heart gripped with fear. Vera was gobsmacked. “What did you say?” Trina tried to cut them off to put an end to the topic. “You must be tired, Mom. How abou

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