Chapter 94

She wouldn’t have wasted her time if she hadn’t wanted to teach Trina a lesson. Vera turned to look at Bonnie after she sent Trina to her room upstairs. “What are you doing with Ms. Bonita’s researchers?” “I know them.” Bonnie had no intention of explaining anything. “Who?” Vera pressed. “I can’t tell you.” Worried that Vera wouldn’t give it up, she added, “He wouldn’t let me tell anyone, so I can’t.” Vera frowned. “I have no idea how you met any one of them, but I need to tell you something. Everyone at Ms. Bonita’s research institute is extraordinary. I know what you’re like, so it’s highly likely you’ll offend one of them. “I want you to stay away from them. Don’t try to approach anyone because you want to make connections. I don’t want you to make a mess so big it’ll drag me and your father down, or affect the entire family.” Bonnie remained quiet. “Beep!” It was a text from Ivor. “Are you coming home tonight?” Another text came before she could reply. “If you don’t com

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