Chapter 95

Bonnie, who was taking a bite out of some squid, didn’t notice anything going on around her. When she saw Jim’s reaction, she asked, puzzled, “What’s wrong?” He squinted. “I think someone just took our picture.” “Are you sure?” She swept her eyes around her, but didn’t find anyone suspicious. Jim continued to squint and responded, “I’m not too sure.” “Could someone have recognized you?” She took a guess. “Maybe.” “Don’t waste your time and effort on something so insignificant. Hurry up and eat the barbeque. They just made it. Eat it while it’s hot.” She handed Jim a squid. “I guess you’re right. They can take a picture if they want. I wasn’t doing anything bad anyway.” In a dark corner, a man pulled down his mask and panted heavily. It took him a long time to compose himself. He checked his pictures and gulped. “Holy crap. It’s Master Jim! I didn’t think I’d see him in real life,” the man mumbled to himself. He sent the pictures to Trina. Trina’s eyes nearly popped out when s

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