Chapter 96

How was he supposed to know? He was so shocked that he was having trouble closing his jaw. “Why don’t you try asking Ms. Bonnie?” Floyd could sense that his master was unhappy and jealous. “Should I send this location to you, Mr. Ivor? Maybe you can come over here yourself?” Ivor would love that. “I’m not going to do that. She would misread the situation and think I was following her on purpose.” “Should I leave, then?” Floyd asked. “Keep following them. Let me know if anything happens.” Sweat streamed down Floyd’s forehead. Ivor wanted a report if anything happened? He sure as hell hoped nothing would happen. He would be too scared to see Bonnie and Master Jim getting more intimate. Floyd thought they really were a couple. If he saw something he shouldn’t, should he send the pictures to his master? Ivor looked so stern and agitated that he almost scared a servant into spilling some coffee she was serving him. His fingers intertwined, Ivor placed both his hands on the table a

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