Chapter 98

Since it had come to this, Lane had no choice but to deny it to the end. “I didn’t follow you, I swear!” Jim frowned. “Looks like we’ll have to do this the hard way.” “Are you going to hit me? I know you. You’re Jim Ray, the King of Combat. I have the right to press charges if you hit me without proof of your claim!” Sheesh! He was good. Bonnie stepped forward and threw Jim a glance. “Let me handle this.” Jim nodded in response. Bonnie looked at Lane condescendingly. Before she could say anything, he said, “It won’t work. I swear I wasn’t following you. You can beat me to death for all I care.” “Chill. We won’t beat you to death. I just wanted to tell you something.” She said nonchalantly as she looked at Lane. “W-What is it?” A sense of unease started to creep up on him. “To be accurate, it’s my analysis of the situation. It wasn’t really a big deal that you followed Jim, but you’re forgetting that he’s Ms. Bonita’s bodyguard. It’s possible you were trying to get to her throu

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