Chapter 99

“What are you doing here?” “Why can’t I be here? Don’t you want me to be here?” Bonnie and Jim were standing side by side, and Ivor looked at them grimly. Bonnie instantly understood why he was so angry. He had been displeased when she had talked to Tim back then. He hadn’t been happy when she had shown up with Heath to play chess either. Did he really think she would cheat on him? In any case, she still needed to explain everything to him so he wouldn’t cause any further trouble. “Don’t read too much into this.” “Alright. I won’t. I have some questions for you. How long have you known him? Why have I never heard about this? You told me you knew someone from Ms. Bonita’s research institute. Is that someone Master Jim?” Ivor had endless questions for Bonnie. The more he got to know her, the more mysterious she became. “That’s right. He was the person I was talking about. I met him a few years ago. I can't remember exactly when, though.” He was a little pleased to hear her expla

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