Chapter 1008

Barton snorted coldly and then left with his entourage. Renee muttered, "Good intentions are often unappreciated. What a bunch of ingrates!" She had unwavering faith in Nash's medical skills, especially after witnessing him cure a patient who was clinically brain-dead not long ago. Eric walked over to Nash, who looked a bit pale. He asked, "Are you okay?" Nash smiled and nodded. "I'm good." Eric relaxed a bit. "We haven't finished our drinks yet. Let's go back and continue." Skadi complained, “Yoyo hasn't even had her cake yet. They ruined everything!" It was her first time celebrating Yoyo's birthday, and she had not expected such an event to occur. Hera comforted her softly, "Aren't we going to go back and drink now? Let's buy another cake and continue celebrating Yoyo's birthday when we get back!" An hour later, everyone returned to Villa 14 to continue celebrating Yoyo’s birthday. Jezebel prepared some nutritious snacks and fruit platters as well as some appetizers for thos

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