Chapter 1007

Nolan withdrew his gaze, the hands behind his back involuntarily clenching. The power unleashed by the young man was enough to rival a tungsten gold armor-piercing shell. For someone to possess such terrifying strength at such a young age, just who exactly trained him? Could it be someone from a reclusive sect? Just then, the dull sound of thunder pierced through the sky all of a sudden. Immediately after, several bolts of lightning as thick as one’s arm came striking down. The pupils of Nolan and the Bullhog family members suddenly contracted. In the next moment, another sonic boom resounded. Aor’s eyes abruptly widened, but Nash's fist had already connected with his chest. The destructive force instantly permeated Aor's entire body. Aor staggered back before he forcefully drove one foot into the ground, dispersing the lightning bolts. The smoke gradually dissipated, and he glared at Nash. "You... You used a Path technique!" Nash was sitting on the ground now, looking exhauste

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