Chapter 1006

Nash looked at Aor calmly and confidently, dispelling any reservations he might have had. He clenched his fingers into a fist and struck Aor's chest with force. A violent sonic boom resounded and ripples visible to the naked eye spread in all directions. The sand and gravel on the beach surged like waves. Nearby barbecue stalls were thrown into the air by the ripples. Sand rose tens of meters high, resembling a sandstorm in the desert. In the blink of an eye, the sandstorm reached Eric and the others. Eric, Cillian, and Jaxon all took a step forward. They blocked the sandstorm with their auras. Both Eric and Cillian were forced to take a step back while Jaxon remained unmoved, but there was still a hint of shock in his calm eyes. Barton and his group were stunned. They knew Nash was strong, but they did not expect him to unleash such terrifying power. Hera and Skadi stared ahead, but the nearly 500-meter-thick wall of sand completely blocked their view. "My goodness... Mr. Calcr

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