Chapter 1005

Moreover, her parents also regarded Melody as their goddaughter. Still, Nash was her man. She found it hard to accept the idea of Nash sharing his love with someone else. Until yesterday, Nash's constant demands had made her happy yet also somewhat fearful. She was afraid that she would not be able to satisfy Nash. For the first time, she thought of finding someone else to share the burden with. While she might have appeared to be shifting the trouble to Nash when she said that Melody was Nash's woman just now, in reality, she was subtly fanning the flames. She even began to doubt whether she was actually some kind of twisted person. Back to Nash and Aor, Nash was still calm while Aor smiled faintly. "If I were to forcibly take her away, the four of you wouldn't be able to stop me." Before Nash could respond, Eric chuckled and said, "Can you take away both of your young sirs at the same time, then?" Aor was momentarily speechless. It was true that they would not be able to catc

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