Chapter 1004

Nash narrowed his eyes and concentrated his spiritual power, releasing it outward. Cillian's and Eric's expressions changed. They also simultaneously released their spiritual power. All three streams of spiritual power converged and clashed with Aor’s spiritual power. The roars of fierce wind cut through the air, yet everything remained calm at that moment. It was the sound of the invisible collision of spiritual powers. Aor’s eyes slowly narrowed. He was pushing back spiritual power from three people on his own and was showing signs of collapse. Jaxon clasped his hands together and slowly closed his eyes. A faint yellow light emanated from him as another stream of spiritual power, almost equal to Nash's, surged forth. Aor staggered while the old man beside him stepped forward, his profound spiritual power merging with Aor’s. The air began to distort. The howling winds turned into muffled thunder that was seemingly capable of dispersing one's soul. Those with the strength at onl

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