Chapter 1003

Another Mystique Loyalty Realm expert! Barton was astonished. Wookie came up to him to translate the conversation between Eric and Yakov. "I understand!" Barton scoffed. This person was not only an expert in the Mystique Loyalty Realm, but he was also an existence that even Yakov was wary of. He did not expect such powerful people to be lurking in a small place like Jonford. Yet, he had managed to provoke said people. Barton lowered his head slightly and said to Wookie, "Call the supplicant." Wookie smiled bitterly. "Young Sir, I think it's better to forget about it!" Barton grabbed Wookie and lifted him from the ground, "Do I need to repeat myself?" Wookie hastily said, "I-I'll do it right away!" Barton threw Wookie back to the ground where he remained sitting in the sand. He fished out his phone and dialed the supplicant’s number. He quickly explained the situation. In the meantime, Barton waved his hand and said something in Motandish. Behind him, a group of people began t

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