Chapter 1002

Cillian lifted the pot and poured water into the teacup. His movements were graceful as he maintained a calm and composed expression. Barton snorted coldly and immediately dialed a number. The call connected, and a respectful voice sounded from the other end, “Mr. Barton, why have you decided to call me?" Barton cast a disdainful glance at Cillian and asked, "Do you know a purple-robed Path taker with white hair?" "A purple-robed Path taker with white hair? Are you in Jonford?" "That's right!" "Then it must be Father Cillian from Quiet Winds Church,” the voice answered with certainty. “He has crossed me. I hope you can expel him from the Path!" Barton demanded coldly. There was silence for a full ten seconds on the other end of the phone. Just when Barton was starting to get impatient, the voice finally responded in a troubled tone, "Mr. Barton, could you pass the phone to him? Let me talk to him." Barton handed the phone to Wookie to pass to Cillian. Wookie put the phone on s

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