Chapter 1001

Upon hearing this, Melody pursed her lips and said to Wookie, "That's right, he's my man. If you beat him up, I'll marry your young sir!" Wookie translated their words into Motandish and conveyed them to Barton. Barton glanced at the four men at the table and said calmly, "Then beat him up!" The nearly two-meter-tall burly men started approaching Nash. Wookie went up to him first, saying arrogantly, "Kid, our young sir has taken a liking to your woman. We're gonna beat you up today. Afterward, we'll give you two billion for you to divorce her. Do you understand what I mean?" The way he saw it, these people had no power or influence. Otherwise, they would not be eating cheap barbecue in a place like this. Motandiners were different; they lived on the vast grasslands and were not particular about their way of life. Nash set down the half-eaten chicken wing in his hand, wiped his mouth with a few napkins, and glanced lightly at Hera and Melody. The two of them lowered their heads, n

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