Chapter 1000

Melody put down her wine glass and slowly raised her head to look at the group of strong men approaching. These people were round-waisted, thick-armed, and tall. They had fleshy faces and exuded a force that could swallow mountains and rivers. Barton put his hands on the belt at his waist and looked at Melody condescendingly. He then spoke in Motadine dialect to the young man in a vest beside him. The young man in a vest looked at Melody and said, "Hello, pretty lady. We're the Bullhog family in Motadine. Our young sir has fallen in love with you and plans to take you home as his wife!" "Pretty lady, pretty lady..." Baden Bullhog shyly stared at Melody as he murmured. Melody frowned and looked at Baden. The young man in the vest said quickly, "He's the young sir of the Bullhog family and your future husband!" Melody said with a cold face, "Go back to wherever you come from!" She would rather stay single for the rest of her life than marry such a person. When Barton saw Melody

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