Chapter 999

A young man with braids and a gray vest asked with a smile. "Beautiful women… So many of them..." the large man answered honestly. The young man in the vest turned his head to look in the direction Baden was looking at, his eyes twinkling brightly. "Which one do you like, Mr. Baden? I’ll help you carry her into the tent!" the young man in the vest said with a faint smile. Baden pointed at Melody stupidly. "I want that beautiful lady..." The young man in the vest narrowed his eyes and looked at Melody. Her skin was fair, soft, and glowy. Her cherry lips were rosy and delicate. The two strands of hair beside her cheeks gently wisped around her face. There was a slight iciness to her beautiful face. As if aware that someone was looking at her, the woman raised her eyes and looked over. Her already cold eyes suddenly became threateningly icy. Even though he was a hundred meters away, the young man in the vest could feel the chills on his back. She was a powerful martial artist.

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