Chapter 1010

He could already sense death’s presence. Nash kicked Leon in the groin, using his profound true energy to crush his manhood into a pulp. Several women nearby involuntarily clasped their legs together. Although what Nash did was brutal, it was also a domineering display. They looked at Hera with envy. Leon clutched his groin and let out a scream that sounded like the squeals of a pig. Veins bulged on his forehead as he hysterically roared, "You're dead, Calcraft! I won't let you live through today!" "That’s it!" Nash lifted his foot and ruthlessly stomped on Leon's chest. Leon's eyes widened in anger, but then his head tilted to the side as life drained from him. "Is he... dead?" A few white-collar workers nearby gulped nervously. The president's secretary sneered. "Such lowlifes deserve to die!" Hera walked over to Nash and asked with concern, "Nash, did you... kill him?" She knew Nash had killed many people before, but this was the first time she witnessed him doing it—especia

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