Chapter 1011

To the side, Frankie was a little nervous. Only Nash was sitting there with his legs crossed and a calm expression. Footsteps sounded outside the room before a professionally dressed secretary pushed open the office’s large doors. Queenie and Travis entered. "Mr. Calcraft, what brings you here?" Queenie walked up with a smirk on her face. Nash glanced at Queenie and replied, "No need to smile at me like that. You should know the purpose of our visit." Queenie's smile immediately disappeared. She disliked Nash. Not only did he beat up her boyfriend, but he also sent him to prison. Nash made it clear that he was there to investigate her. Nash pointed to a stack of documents on the coffee table. "These are records of large transfers made from your bank accounts in the past six months, as well as evidence from the Purchasing Department.” Queenie sneered. "Is there any point in forging these?” All the bank cards she used to receive the money had been bought at high prices. Neithe

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