Chapter 1012

By the time they were done dealing with Queenie and Travis, it was already noon. Frankie had wanted to take Nash out for lunch. However, Nash brought the three of them to the first floor of Cafeteria 3. There were no longer any cafeteria workers at the counter. Instead, there was now a self-service buffet-style system in place. There was a wide variety of dishes, both meat and vegetables. There were even desserts and fruits. Nash filled his plate with food and then lined up for chowder. They were serving grilled corn, pork ribs, chicken and mushroom soup, and potato and leek chowder. All the employees in line were smiling. "Hi, are you Mr. Calcraft?" A young woman behind Nash tapped his arm. Nash turned around and smiled. "What a coincidence!" It was the same woman he had encountered the first time he came to the cafeteria. This would be Nash's last time eating at the cafeteria. He had not expected to encounter her again! The woman flashed her two little canine teeth "Do you o

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