Chapter 1013

Frankie glanced at the woman who had just been behind Nash and immediately knew what Nash was thinking. Lynn and Juan also followed Frankie's gaze and looked over. They could also guess the reason why Nash was assigning assistants to them. Lynn chuckled lightly. "Juan, I'll let you have this beautiful assistant. Working with someone of the opposite sex makes the job less tiring, right?" Juan shrugged. "I don't mind. If you don't want her, I'll take her. It's better than having no assistant at all!" Lynn giggled. "I'm doing this for you. That woman is innocent and charming. Who knows, maybe you two could even start a romantic relationship!" Juan rolled his eyes at Lynn. "I'm not interested in young women. I prefer someone a bit older!" Lynn clicked her tongue. "You..." Frankie took away his tray and walked over to the woman's table. He said something to her, and the woman was so nervous that her face turned red. Even her hands were shaking. Back at the Inspection Department, Nash

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