Chapter 1014

Lucas looked awkwardly at Nash. "You go do your thing. I just came to see if the Business Department can function without Justin," Nash replied nonchalantly. 20 minutes ago, he received a call from Hera. Clarke from Innovate Collective was boasting at a smart technology exhibition that he would be signing a contract with Universal Group in the afternoon. He even openly ridiculed Lauren and Harrison. Nash could not tolerate this, so he came to the Business Department to intervene. He intended to disrupt the cooperation between Universal Group and Innovate Collective. Dressed in a suit, Clarke walked into the office. When he saw Nash, a smile appeared on his face. "Oh, why if it isn't Hera’s husband? What's this? You think you can handle it when Hera can't?" He thought Nash was here to help Hera with the business negotiation. Unfortunately, Universal Group had already agreed to cooperate with Innovate Collective and decided to sign the contract in the afternoon. Lucas looked at N

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