Chapter 1016

Two hours later, at the end of the work day, Juan and Lynn returned to the office. Frankie also brought the woman with him over to the Inspection Department to report for duty. “According to regulations, the internship period is three months. There will be a test in three months. If you fail to pass the test—” “I'll leave of my own accord,” the woman said, interrupting Frankie. If she failed to handle an assistant’s responsibility by the third month, it meant she was only suited to take an assembly line type of job. Frankie smiled lightly and nodded. “Mr. Calcraft is not like most people. He trusts you to be able to do this.” Assistants did not need to know much about the law. As long as they were not stupid, they would be able to pass the test in three months. At this moment, the door to the director's office opened. Out came Nash and a flushed-looking Hera. Frankie, Juan, Lynn, and the woman looked over. Hera quickly hid behind Nash while he walked out looking totally nor

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