Chapter 1017

"Father." "You heard about your brothers, right?" Oliver asked. "I've heard," Silas replied with a complicated expression. "This won’t be something easy to handle. The Inspection Department operates under the chairman’s jurisdiction. With our position among the shareholders, we don't have the qualification to appeal to the chairman.” "No wonder the Inspection Department acts so boldly," Oliver said as he massaged his temples. To save Travis and Queenie, they had to persuade the Inspection Department and the Legal Department to drop the charges. The Graham family held some stake in Universal Group. He had intended to leverage their status as a shareholder to talk to the director of the Inspection Department, but now it looked like the approach was off the table. “Minnie will return to the country tomorrow. I'll have her talk to Mr. Calcraft,” Silas suggested. Oliver sighed softly. "We can only do that now.” Meanwhile, Nash had just returned to Royal Bay with Hera when he recei

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