Chapter 1019

"He's gone to the hospital to visit Miles," Lynn replied with a complicated expression. Unlike Juan, who could afford to resign without much pressure since he only had himself to support, Lynn had a family to take care of. This included her elderly parents and children. Resigning would put a lot of pressure on her. Nash noticed the change in Lynn's attitude toward him and guessed that she thought he had instructed Frankie to withdraw the lawsuit. Instead of explaining further, he returned to his office. He took out his phone and removed Fabian and Frankie from the group chat. Then, he sent a message: [Starting today, cases investigated by the Inspection Department will be handled by the department itself independently and will not be influenced by the Legal Department. [The lawsuit against Travis and Queenie will proceed.] After sending this message, Nash tore up the resignation letter on his desk. Lynn added Lila to the chat group. Seeing only five members in the group, Lynn wa

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