Chapter 1020

After saying that, Jack looked at Nash with a smirk. "So it seems you have the chief inspection officer backing you up. No wonder you dare investigate Travis.” Nash smiled faintly. "Can't I be the chief inspection officer myself?" Jack was slightly taken aback but then smiled superficially. "It's good for young people to be ambitious, but don't be too eager. There's wisdom in taking things one step at a time.” He merely thought Nash had grand aspirations to become the chief inspection officer. However, to him, Nash was too inexperienced and still needed to pass through layers of assessments at the headquarters to become one. He figured Nash probably would not be able to climb up to that position in his lifetime. "Hurry up and approve it for me. I don't have time to chat with you,” Nash said impatiently. "Young man, while the Inspection Department might have great authority, I'm still the company's president,” Jack responded with some displeasure. "Damn it, if you keep blabber

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