Chapter 1021

Just then, three people wearing suits with badges pinned to their lapels walked over. The woman leading the team took out a complaint document and a detention certificate as she said woodenly, “Travis Graham and Queenie Graham, you've been sued by Universal Group again!” The two were stunned. What… What was going on? Had they not just gotten the lawsuits dropped? Why were they getting sued again? … It was in the middle of the afternoon. Cressida sat in an outdoor restaurant at Jonford Grand Hotel and frowned as she spoke into the phone, “What? You’ve gotten sued again?” “That’s right. I was asking around and found out that the prosecution is the Jonford branch office of Universal Group!" “Got it. You should head back soon!’ Cressida hung up the phone and shared the news she had just received with the blonde-haired man sitting at the other end of the table. He was Lasso Charlie, the heir of the Charlie family. “Well, if Fabian isn’t showing me any respect, I don’

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