Chapter 1022

The tips of Nash’s fingers, which were gripping the steering wheel, turned white. The speed of which the car was cruising at also increased slightly. Both Ishmael and Callum immediately realized Cassie was not at Nash’s place. Both father and son furrowed their eyebrows at the same time. When Nash glanced at them through the rearview mirror and noticed they were merely worried and not angry, he told them about what had happened between him and Cassie. “It’s my fault for not keeping a closer eye on Cassie, Grandpa Morkov… I’ll try and locate her as soon as possible!” “Cassie has a thousand illusions parasite. If she wants to go into hiding, not even I will be able to find her!” Ishmael gazed out the window helplessly. Nash gulped and did not dare say anything. A thousand illusions parasite. That was an abnormal bug. One could change one's height and appearance at will. In other words, it meant that Cassie could be standing right in front of him and he would have n

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