Chapter 1023

Nash took a cab back to Royal Bay. When he arrived at the entrance of his mansion, the sound of a car horn rang out from behind him. Upon pausing in his tracks to take a better look, he noticed it was a black-colored G-Wagon. Finn parked his car and got out of it. “I just got myself a new car, Nash. You can have my old one!” He took a look around his surroundings after saying that. When he noticed that Nash’s car was not there, he could not help but ask, “Where’s your car?” “It’s been scrapped!” Nash could not help but chuckle ruefully when he recalled what had happened. Finn did not know what had happened, but he tossed his car keys to Nash without hesitation. “You can take this car. I’ll get a new one tomorrow. All the relevant documents are in the car!” Nash took the keys without a second thought. Suddenly, he sensed an intense great-grandmaster energy emanating from Ken’s body. It seemed to have reached at least stage three. Ken saw Nash staring at him and immedi

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