Chapter 1028

Nash calmly laid out his plan. All three families would get their people to help excavate the spiritual stone mine. Xeno would oversee the entire industrial zone with his men. Eeveryone who was part of this project would be rewarded with spiritual stones. “Spiritual stones aren’t very helpful to ordinary people like us, Mr. Calcraft. I merely have one request!” Walter rubbed his hands together with a slightly awkward expression on his face. After all, he still owed Nash a favor. It felt slightly embarrassing to be discussing terms and conditions with him now. “Please speak your mind, Mr. Watson!” Nash smiled slightly. Walter said in a low voice, “I hope you'll protect the Watson family for as long as you’re alive, Mr. Calcraft. If our family line is ever in danger of going extinct, I hope you'll extend a helping hand to us!” A glint appeared in both Grant's and Olivia’s eyes after he said that. No wonder he was the richest man in Jonford. He was already looking so

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