Chapter 1029

The minute Nash returned to Royal Bay, he took the spiritual stones to his room to practice his cultivation skills. 36 spiritual stones should be enough to help him achieve the late Mystique Loyalty Realm. After closing the doors and windows, he spread all 36 stones on his bed and then sat in the middle of his bed with his legs crossed. He closed his eyes and used his true energy to shake the stones. A massive bout of spiritual energy immediately filled the room. The Mystique Pill spun vigorously, and a spinning gust of air appeared at his abdomen. The boundless spiritual energy surged toward the gust of air. The afternoon passed by in the blink of an eye. … At Royal Bay Villa 14, Eric stood in his pajamas on the balcony and toyed with the barbecue rack. When he saw the colorful clouds floating above Nash’s abode, he could not help but marvel, “Where did this guy get such good stuff from? It seems that he’s going to achieve another breakthrough soon!” Winnie noticed

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