Chapter 1030

“N-Nash Calcraft?” A nervous expression immediately appeared on Eric’s face. Ash turned to the muscular man standing beside him. He blinked several times. Ash narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do you know him?” His tone had turned slightly frosty. Eric said in a low voice, “We're close. Why do you wish to see him?” Ash said calmly, “I've been ordered to take his life!” Upon hearing that, Eric immediately widened the gap between him and the two individuals. The true energy in his body surged forth as he produced a talisman from his sleeves. “You’ll have to first get past me if you want to kill Nash!” “Alright!” The muscular man immediately shot forth to stand before Eric. Before Eric could even respond, a massive force sent him flying. When he landed on the ground, he stumbled backward several times before regaining his balance. Eric gave the two shocked looks. “You’re not here to kill him!” He could tell the muscular man had not even exerted much force. Othe

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