Chapter 1031

”I was just giving an example. I don’t think Nash is that kind of person!” Olivia said firmly. Hera gave a sweet smile. “I trust my husband too!” … Half an hour later, the two women arrived at Jonford Airport. A woman was covered up from head to toe. She was dragging her suitcase behind her hastily. She was wearing sunglasses, a round sunhat, and a scarf around her neck. The woman walked up to Olivia and Hera, greeting them, “Oli, Hera!” Her voice sounded refreshing. When Hera saw her idol, her worries disappeared, and she immediately went up to give Sienna a big hug. All of a sudden, she felt that she would not mind even if Nash wanted Sienna to stay by his side. In that case, Hera did not have to go to Sienna's concerts anymore. Sienna’s body tensed up. Nobody had ever hugged her like this before, not even a woman. “I’m so happy I'm finally getting to hug my idol. If Skade knows about this, she'll be so jealous!” Then, Hera took her phone out to take selfies. Olivia lo

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