Chapter 1032

Two hours later, Olivia sent Melody and the others off. Their beautiful faces were lightly flushed. Capiton's Lowe family was one of the top ten wealthiest families, and Sierra was the nation's beloved star. Naturally, they could not stop themselves from having a couple more drinks. “Oli, take good care of Sienna so that we can hang out with her again tomorrow!” Hera draped her arm around Melody’s shoulder, looking intoxicated. Olivia chuckled and said, “If Chateau Hotel can’t take good care of her, no one else can!” Chateau Hotel was owned by the influential Skye family. The service and environment were incomparable to other hotels. “We’ll be going back now. See you tomorrow…” Hera said drunkenly. She burped from all the wine she drank. “Okay, I’ve found drivers for all of you!” Olivia waved, and several hotel workers came forward respectfully. “Drive safe. If anything happens on the road, you’ll be held accountable!” “Yes, Ms. Olivia!” The few hotel workers nodded. The

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