Chapter 1033

Jaxon lifted his hand and made a single clap. The three men who had run a hundred meters away were knocked to the ground by an invisible force. Just as they were about to stand up, another invisible force knocked them down again. The three of them exchanged glances and gritted their teeth. Suddenly, a blazing energy flowed through their veins, and their flesh started burning inside and out. Jaxon closed his eyes and put his hands together. “The Light guides!” Felicity ran over to him and looked at the three burning corpses. She said in bewilderment, “How did they catch on fire? Those killers are so cruel!” Jaxon said solemnly, “Maybe it’s some kind of chemical!” Felicity sniffed the air. There was indeed the pungent smell of chemicals in the air. “What’s their cultivation level?” Jaxon responded, “They have a strange power. There’s no true energy in their energy center. I think what they practice is different from the martial arts in Drakonia!” Hearing that, Felicity’s face t

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