Chapter 1036

Ishmael burst into tears while hugging his granddaughter tightly. He cried out, “You foolish girl, why did you have to do something so stupid?” Ash and Bertram landed behind Nash. They could guess what was going on based on the scene before them and Nash’s expression. Nash calmed himself down and appeared in front of Ishmael like a shadow. “Cassie…” Nash squatted on the ground hoarsely, grabbing Cassie’s wrist to feel her pulse. There was nothing! He opened his Third Eye to check Cassie’s injuries, and he noticed that her heart was still beating weakly. “A heartbeat… She still has a heartbeat…” Nash got excited. The bugs on Callum crawled in through his mouth and nostrils. Then, he stood up and walked to Nash. “Nash, you’re Johnathan’s disciple. Please save Cassie!” Nash looked at Ishmael and said, “Elder Morkov, please hand her over to me!” Ishmael shook his head bitterly. “It’s no use. She’s been affected by the soul-eater bug. Even if your master were here, he wouldn’t

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