Chapter 1037

”N-Nash… I-I’m so cold!” Cassie stammered. Callum quickly found a pile of firewood to make a fire. “C-Can you hold me?” Cassie’s voice became weaker and weaker. Nash hugged Cassie into his arms. “Cassie, you’re so stupid. Why did you leave without saying goodbye? “It’s my fault for not looking after you!” Tears fell from the corners of his eyes. Cassie did not say anything else, and her life force was starting to drain away again. Nash continued to feed her blood to stabilize her internal organ function. Ash took a deep breath. He walked over and said, “I can let her live until tomorrow morning…” Ishmael turned to look at Ash. “Who are you?” Ash said calmly, “The former principal of Amethyst Court, Master Ash!” After hearing that, Ishmael stood up with his hand over his heart. “Thank you for saving my granddaughter’s life. I’m eternally grateful!” He would be grateful even if his granddaughter could only live for one more minute. Ash took out a piece of black rune from h

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