Chapter 1038

Cassie’s voice was pleasant and sweet. Looking at her sweet smile, Nash tried his best to force out a smile. “Okay, let’s go watch the sunrise!” He took Cassie’s hand and walked toward the barren mountain in the distance. Cassie locked fingers with Nash’s big, warm hands. “Nashy… I’ve dreamed of walking hand-in-hand with you for countless nights!” She was over the moon at that moment. She was able to walk hand-in-hand with the man she loved during the last moments of her life. She could die without any regrets now. Nash held her hand tightly and said while forcing a smile, “I didn’t expect that I would leave such a deep impression on you after spending just a few months together!” He had spent three months with Cassie in the Parasite Colony. He was curious about parasitic bugs, so he would ask Cassie questions about them every day. The 11-year-old Cassie would patiently explain to him what she knew. “I don’t have a mom. My grandfather and father manage the colony, so they ra

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