Chapter 1039

Cassie looked like an angel that descended from heaven. Nash was slightly stunned. “Cassie, open your eyes and take a look!” A smile appeared on Nash’s pale face. Cassie slowly opened her eyes. A dreamlike scene appeared before her eyes, making her eyes sparkle. “Wow, it’s beautiful! How did you do it?” Cassie ran and spun around the flowers. Little butterflies were dancing around. She smiled happily. Suddenly, death did not seem that scary. “Do you like it?” Nash smiled gently. “Yes, I love it! “I didn’t think you were so romantic! But it feels like something is missing!” Cassie bit her fingers while thinking. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She took off the whistle hanging around her neck and blew it. … At the foot of the mountain, Ashley and Bertram looked at the lush mountain in the distance in shock. Bertram said in disbelief, “H-How is a human capable of that?” All the flowers, plants, and trees within a kilometer radius had withered, but everything on the mountain

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