Chapter 1040

"Love can’t be forced. You’ve never truly loved me! “You’re only saying that to fill the void in your heart.” Cassie looked up at the endless night sky as she spoke softly. Nash was filled with mixed feelings. She seemed to know him better than himself, but she only got it half right. “Why else do you think I made that promise to you in the Parasite Colony?” Nash chuckled. Cassie turned to look at him in surprise. That year, she was 11, and he was 18. Around Nash’s second month in the Parasite Colony, he promised her, “Cassie, when you grow up, I’ll marry you!” It was because of that that her father always wanted her to marry Nash, but Nash’s master told them that he was already engaged. They parted ways six years ago, and when they met again, he had already become someone else’s husband. Nash stared deep into her eyes. “I did like you a lot at that time. If it weren’t for the blood feud, I probably wouldn’t have fulfilled my master’s engagement. I would've married you inste

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