Chapter 1041

After all, a parting between life and death was still being played out ahead. At this time, the rising sun completely emerged over the eastern hills. The warm sunshine shone on Cassie's pale face. She half-squinted her eyes and said in frustration, "I've only seen a sunrise twice, and both times were with you." Nash put his face against Cassie's forehead and said softly, "I've only seen a sunrise once!" The corners of Cassie's mouth raised slightly. Her eyes then slowly closed. Nash felt that Cassie's vitality was quickly dissipating. He made no more attempts to keep her. He just closed his eyes and let the silent tears stream down his face. Now, the surrounding flowers and plants seemed to have lost their original luster. The grass and trees were shrouded in sadness. The green hills wept. Not long after, a white helicopter slowly landed on the grass not far away. This was the helicopter of the Parasite Colony. Ishmael looked at Nash walking toward him and said with compl

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